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Today is tuesday and I already one week in Australia, first immpresion is "wow so cold and I can't being as usual". You know Indonesia is tropical country and you never had experince with four season like winter, summer, spring, and falls. When I came here I just like eating ice cube while I talk, but that is the best moment I tought. I never had ever when I looking around area to makes me comfrotable I found something different. Australia had fresh air and also friendly people (it might be depends when you live in city, but I am live in suburb.

How can I come to cangoroo island? I came here because my husband live and work here and I following him. My husband quite stay as long as two or three years since 2020, and we can't move together because I had a job and unfortunately it was pandemic and also have higher casess between Indonesia and Australia. So we waiting until border reopen and completely visa holder for temporary or turist has allowed to enter to Australia. Okay back to my story.

Saturday on 8 October 2022 I decided to flight to Australia alone without my husband or my family, just me and my luggage. Before that day I feels like worrying something, and also thinking about how can I answers the immigration question when I came to Melbourne, because this is my first time going to abroad. I tried to join in one of the popular group on social media, and I asked the people there to make sure if anyone had a same day going to Melbourne. Fortunatelly, I had a friend she was humble, kind and funny, and I feels like comfortable to flight together. Thanks GOD you gave me a new friend from my country.

Oh, I almost forgeting one of funny moment when I walk in the city I seen houses with halloween decoration, it was funny and actually I'm happy to see that. Because I usually just watch on tv and  I seen on social media. You know I talking to my self, look at that the spider home its really cute and warm and I'm laughging. A lot of people in around the world aparently in the west country decide to decoration their home to participate in Halloween party. That's good and you can being creative to explore a new design in halloween.

So yah, that's a bit my story in my new life. If you any question please sent me a message on social media instagram search @ayu_ratnaningtias (black and white profile picture) don't forget to follow me and I would following back I promise, or sent me email to ayuratnaningtias@gmail.com. 

Bye and see you there! xoxoxo

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