Advantages and disadvantages of youth association

Most people today have concerns with their kids, actually, with the youth associations. A youth association is a group of young people who have their own goals. As usual, they consist of 5 or more people within the group and, they have a discussion about trends topics on social media. I think they are both advantages and disadvantages of having a group or become a member of a youth association.

The first advantages become a member of a youth association is that we can talk about anything feels free and discusses main topics on social media. Do you know talking with friends is more effective because you have a similar opinion? For example, at the same age, they will have topics about K-Pop or new applications on social media, like reels on Instagram. Secondly, a youth association can support their member in doing something such as a positive thing. In addition, when one of the members is in a hard situation they decide to help them.

On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages of a youth association. Firstly, they would be doing something rude. For instance, they will become thieves, drug dealers, or other criminal activities. Secondly, they will decide to be homeless because want to become free without rules from their parents. For example, teenagers live alone in the city but in fact, they don't have enough money to spend their life.

In conclusion, for parents please watch your kids, actually teenagers, and give them reasons about a youth association. Give them examples and some ideas to make sure your kids understand why you concern about the group.

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