Talk Active! Part 1

Hei, welcome to my blog, and enjoy your activities!

When I was thinking about my blog, I'm decided to write some article about my activities when I arrived in Melbourne. But currently, I am still stuck in Indonesia and couldn't return to Melbourne because the border is still closed. So I am studying online during the border closed and waiting until the border reopens.

I know it's hardest for me because currently, the pandemic isn't over yet. How about in your country? Please answer in the comment box. I hope the condition back to normal. I knew you missed your family, partner, or parents. Luckily, we have smartphones and we're used to video calls with them. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Sometimes I'm feeling grateful because I'm here with my parents. So many issues in the world about anything. It must make you depressed and impatient. It's okay if you had feelings like that, but we must be optimistic. 

Okay, I think it's enough, stays safe and stay healthy where you are staying at the moment. Bye, thank you!

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