Scarlett One Of the Most Popular Product

If you had little bit confused about skin care products, I have solution. Actually, for acne skin and poor skin like me. Let's get started! 

I have been choosing more skin care products, but it doesn't work like I want. When I looking for other skin care products, I'm so interested with skin care from Scarlett by Felicya Angelista. She is an Indonesian actress, and perhaps is a brand ambassador from Scarlett. I guess, she is an CEO the skin care products. I didn't know more about her hehehe sorry girls. 

Okay back to the product. Scarlett have a lot of skin care products such a body scrub, shower scrub, body lotion, face wash, and also serum for acne skin and poor skin. I'm so happy when tried these products. Because, I had trouble in my skin, and I want to makes my skin like a previously skin.

I've been tried pretty much 2 weeks ago. During wearing these product, I think my skin much better than before. Any way, I had dark skin by the way, and Scarlett claim that these products can encourage for glowing skin and also makes your skin brightening. And I'm tried them until I got what I want. 

Wow! Their claim is true! After wearing these product, my skin look healthy, glowing, and also brightening. Obviously, if you routine wearing the products right. And know I want to explain everything I used from Scarlett. 

  • Shower Scrub

Scarlett have three variant for this categories is Pomegranate, Mangoes, and Cucumber. Their are one of the most popular skin care by Scarlett. And I used is Pomegranate variants. I don't know why I'm choosing that, I guess I really love the colour hahaha pinky girl. 

Shower scrub have a texture is so lumpy but the scrub didn't makes your skin injury. Because the scrub is really really smooth. Even you applying on your body. 

  • Facial Wash

One of the my reason choosing this skin care because ingredients for the product is rose peal. And that is true, in the bottle have scrub pellets and sheets of rose petals. The facial texture so wishy-washy I guess. And the smell it's good. 

  • Body Lotion

Next product I choose whitening body lotion variant Romansa. Such I was explain before, about colour my skin. And I should tried this products why? Because I want to have white skin, like a lot of people opinion "Beauty is if you got the white skin, glowing skin, and healthy skin". But I don't know, perhaps I incorrect for that opinion. However, I often heard about beauty is white skin. And I tried with Scarlett products. 

I've been wearing body lotion, and I guess my colour skin more better than before. I think my colour skin more brightness, and moist actually. I'm so happy, perhaps really happy with my skin. I usually, touching my skin every single day. Because I didn't have it in my life ever. How about smell? Smell's good, really good. You must trying and share your journey while wearing this. 

  • Acne Serum and Brightening Ever After Serum

When I wearing this serum, my acne little bit come out. It's amazing, because the serum it works. I'm so happy, I got my acne come out and my skin step by step brightly. So, this serum it matches in my skin. 

Finally, I'm so happy with skin care products from Scarlett Whitening by Felicia Angelista. I guess, I'm falling in love again with my skin. I really like their products, even if it's cheap, it's not cheap. 

How about packaging? Wow, I didn't expected about the packaging. It's really beautiful and safety. 

How can I got the products? You can got it from e-commerce or direct message in their Instagram. It's so easy girls! Any way, perhaps your order will be delay, because their Online Shop its very busy. You must be patient if you want to tried the best product from Scarlett Whitening. Ciao Ciao!

*Disclaimer : I'm not endorsement with this products. However, I'm purchase it by my self.

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